Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Natilik, we take pride in supporting the communities we work in across the globe. Each new fiscal year the team votes on a new focus charity, which we spend the year fundraising to support. From walking and running to social events and more, the team at Natilik arrange and support a wide range of activities that all work towards helping charities that are close to their hearts. From Sports Relief, to Support Dogs and Great Ormond Street Hospital to the NHS.

As well as the focus charity, Natilik also supports and encourages the charitable endeavours of our clients, people and partners.

Some examples of fundraising events

The Great Natilik Isolation Quiz

Hosted by Quiz Masters Sam and Phil, the Great Natilik Isolation Quiz took part over Cisco Webex. Colleagues were encouraged to grab their housemates, family and pets to join in with six rounds of themed questions, including a round just for children. Bonus points were awarded for team names and those who braved the fancy dress challenge.

Each team made a £5 donation to the Natilik charity of choice.

The Natilik One Hour Challenge

Natilk tasked its people to complete a one hour challenge in aid of the NHS, Foodbank NYC and the Bill Crews Foundation. The challenge was up to the individual, and creative ideas were encouraged, the only rules were it should take an hour and it should challenge the participant. From seeing how far they could run, to hula hooping and from knitting to climbing stairs, there were lots of imaginative ideas and together Natilik raised over £1,549.64.

Natilik Bake Off

The Natilik Bake Off was taken virtual. As the usual panel of esteemed judges were unable to taste any of the creations this year, participants were asked to film short clips of them preparing, baking and eating their bakes. Open to the Natilik team, their partners and children, it was a chance to showcase baking talents and, of course, to eat some cake.


The winner of the adult competition was Lesley Penney, with her lemon drizzle cake and the winner of the children’s competition baked some amazing Spanish cupcakes.


To help support parents that are trying to entertain and educate their children at home, Natilik launched a Creativity Competition in association with Duo Security. Participants were asked to colour, draw or paint one of the Natilik characters for their chance to win. They could either download one of the pictures, or use them for inspiration to create something of their own, before submitting entries to, or via social media. Five lucky winners will each win a £10 Amazon voucher.

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2.6 Challenge

During this time, many charities have had to cancel fund-raising events, furlough staff and reduce the support they offer to often vulnerable members of the community. The London Marathon, which was meant to take place on the 26th April would usually be the world’s biggest one-day fundraising event, raised more than £66.4 million for thousands of charities in 2019. The 2.6 challenge was created to help support these charities, fund-raisers are asked to take on a challenge that features 2.6 and ask their friends and family to sponsor their efforts. From juggling for 26 minutes to eating 26 hot dogs in a minute, you don’t have to be sporty to get involved. Many of the Natilik team rose to the challenge and the donations went to the NHS (UK), NYC Foodbank (US) and the Bill Crews Foundation (AUS).


As part of of global effort, Natilik is supporting the folding@home initative. This project aims to support reserach into how proteins fold in ways that cause mutations that lead to disease. As we are unable to yet build microscopes powerful enough to watch real proteins, the research relies on computer simulations. These can take up to 500 computer years to run, so folding@home creates distributed computing cluster that asks volunteers to run simulations on their computers and then send back the data to be analysed.  There are currently over 100,000 citizen scientists contributing to the project and we are proud to say that Natilik is also involved. Utilising spare CPU space across global sites, Natilik contributes and runs simulations that are helping build data for scientists to accelerate their research into finding a cure.

a selection of Fundraising Images

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