Join us for a zero trust immersive dining experience like no other. Natilik, HashiCorp and Palo Alto Networks invite you on a journey to explore how infrastructure as code can transform your security strategy.

πŸ“… Wednesday 19th October
πŸ•“ 4pm BST
πŸ—ΊοΈ Pedley Street Station

The move towards borderless technology has made taking a zero trust approach to security more important than ever. Lean IT teams are facing the challenge of responding to more threats and ransomware attacks than ever before and many are looking towards automation and infrastructure as code to help improve the efficiency of their security strategy.

Join Natilik, Palo Alto Networks and HashiCorp for a creative taster into how these industry leading solutions can support your teams and your zero trust strategy. We will then embark on an award-winning, immersive four course dining experience in a world where you can trust no one.