The latest Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi 6E has changed the landscape of Wi-Fi, with a whole new spectrum being made available. Unlike previous standards, this provides businesses with a greenfield opportunity to really take their Wi-Fi connectivity to the next level! With the number of devices connected to the network ever increasing, network managers are experiencing more demand and pressure to keep things running smoothly, which is where Wi-Fi 6E can help.

In the true spirit of Christmas, we’re giving you a free downloadable infographic on Wi-Fi 6E, the newest, most exciting wireless development since mince pies. Download your copy here and discover the impact it could have on your user’s Wi-Fi experience.

Put your Wi-Fi first with Natilik

Whether your Wi-Fi is running slow, you’re having frequent outages, or poor connectivity is generally bringing down the productivity of your business, Natilik’s team of wireless experts are ready to help improve your organisation’s Wi-Fi experience.

Today’s gift is a free indicative Wi-Fi survey, from which we’ll give you some initial advice on optimising and improving your Wi-Fi.