Finding the right long-term Technology Partner can be difficult. At Natilik, we listen to our clients to propose solutions and services that work for them.

Working with Arsenal Football Club to understand your short-term requirements and long-term aspirations we will be building solutions tailored to your needs and that can help Arsenal focus on new technology projects. Natilik hope to see ourselves embarking on a true partnership whereby we will become an integral part of your team and fully understand your operations.

We know that it is only together that we can make a truly substantial impact.

As well as providing a world-class service, Natilik can also help with Arsenal’s commitment to sustainability and are here to support and advise as your trusted partner. Choosing the right technology to drive your business is never easy but having to also consider the impact to sustainability goals makes this even harder. At Natilik, we have researched and collated solutions, technology and services that can help Arsenal on their journey to a sustainable future.

Arsenal's Engagement with Natilik

Natilik are proposing a solution that will replace legacy infrastructure and will form a programme of works across multi-cloud, data centre, networking and cyber-security for the next three years. Our Design, Transition and Manage teams' goal is to provide world-class solutions, services and support over a long period and to act as your Confident Guide to Digital Transformation. Some examples of similar projects can be found below...