Discover, Design, Deliver and Manage your Azure Enterprise Landing Zone with Natilik

What is an Azure Enterprise Landing Zone?

Utilisation of an Azure Enterprise Landing Zone enables the supporting elements to your workloads. An Azure Enterprise Landing Zone help organizations operate successful cloud environments that drive their business objectives while maintaining best practices. It covers the following areas;

  • Billing and cost control
  • Tenant architecture
  • Identity and access
  • Resource organisation
  • Network topology and connectivity

Your confident guide

The Natilik team are here to guide and develop future proofed solutions, designed and deployed using best-in-class technology. With a focus on
Multi-Cloud agility, solution success and exceptional, global, 24/7 support, Natilik is a trusted and knowledgeable pair of hands with experts in Multi-Cloud environments and workload management on hand to support your business.

  • Global team of Multi-Cloud experts
  • True global coverage providing in-region support
  • Proven success in delivery for large global clients