We're mixing things up!

This time, you’ll have the opportunity to choose TWO breakout sessions to join as part of the mornings agenda, hosted by our wonderful Solutions Directors.

So, explore the available sessions below, and use the form to select your 1st and 2nd preference!

Collaboration: Unpacking smart and sustainable workspaces for Microsoft Teams

Smart & Sustainable Workspaces are 🔥.  Get an overview of how Natilik is helping clients transform workspaces to enable simpler, more sustainable and manageable experiences for Microsoft Teams.

Connectivity: Quick wins with our Mobile proposition

Our clients are tired of working with large, inflexible “Tier 1” providers for their UK mobiles and are looking for fresh alternatives. Use this session to learn why Natilik’s mobile story is resonating with our base, and how you can take advantage to create and close worthwhile opportunities, quickly.

Customer Engagement: Retire your number using AI

AI and Machine Learning has been intrinsic in contact centre solutions for many years but with the likes of our new vendors Mojo-CX and Nice bringing advances in the use of AI in customer engagement space there is great opportunities for us to take advantage of.

Multi-Cloud: Navigating the opportunity with VMware following the Broadcom Acquisition

VMware has been at the leader of the virtualization space for years and still sits at the core of most business, but with the Broadcom acquisition and product changes, customers are looking for advice and potentially a change to an alternative product. Natilik can offer expert advice on existing VMware customers upgrades to the new portfolio and alternatives to existing VMware solutions with new partners Nutanix, SpectoCloud and Hyper-V.

Networking: Winning with ThousandEyes following our Marketing Campaign

Our marketing campaign with ThousandEyes has been running this quarter, do you need help getting deals over the line or how to open up the opportunity? Ash is here to help you.

Security: Displacing Citrix with F5 for disgruntled customers

Citrix have moved their licensing model from perpetual to subscription model and increased customer costs as a result.  This is affecting two key solutions VDI and ADC and F5 are industry leaders in ADC (Application Delivery Controller – aka Load Balancing) and work very well with Citrix VDI so this is a displacement opportunity.  Rob has identified the opportunity in our client base and can help explain how to take advantage of this opportunity.