A round up of the latest and greatest

Every year Natilik attends the Cisco Live conference in the US. This year we returned to Las Vegas to hear our strategic partner Cisco’s latest announcements and developments.

With the help of our Technology Directors, we have highlighted the three hottest topics straight from the Mojave desert for you to reflect on.

Cisco Launches Full-Stack Observability Platform

Cisco announced the launch of its new vendor-agnostic Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO) Platform that brings data together from multiple domains at scale. The new platform includes observable telemetry streams from partners such as CloudFabrix, Evolutio, and Kanari, enhancing the speed and depth of visibility and insight.

Where do we see this making the most significant impact?

The unparalleled insights this platform brings together can help mitigate business risk. The data generates an application-based business risk score to support DevOps and SecOps teams in prioritising and eliminating vulnerabilities in cloud-native applications or services with a high likelihood of exploitation. This informed and directed approach can help transform your teams from being reactive to proactive, helping avoid threats and risks to the business.

Want to know more? Check out the executive blog by Cisco’s Liz Centoni here and get in touch to see how the FSO platform can transform your business.

Cisco Shows Breakthrough Innovation Towards AI-First Security Cloud

You cannot open any newsfeed without seeing AI. As the leader in enterprise networking and security, Cisco is delivering on its promise of the AI-driven Cisco Security Cloud to simplify cybersecurity and empower people to do their best work from anywhere. Cisco announced its investment in cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations that will empower security teams by simplifying operations and increasing efficacy.

Where do we see this making the biggest impact? 

There are two areas where Cisco has highlighted leveraging generative AI in its products. Firstly with an AI-powered Policy Assistant that enables Security and IT administrators to describe granular security policies and evaluate how best to implement them across different aspects of their security infrastructure. The second area is the development of Cisco’s SOC Assistant which will support the Security Operations Center (SOC) to detect and respond to threats faster. When an incident occurs, the assistant will contextualize events across email, the web, endpoints, and the network to tell the SOC analyst precisely what happened and the impact. This will reduce the mean time to resolution and increase the speed of response.

Cisco Showcases Vision to Simplify Networking and Securely Connect the World

This year in Vegas, Cisco laid out its latest vision concerning the network. Understanding that as networks expand there is an increasing call to create a simpler network management platform experience to help users easily access and manage all Cisco networking products from one place.

To address this Cisco is bringing in innovations around SSO, API key exchange/repository, sustainable data centre networking solutions and expanded network assurance with Cisco ThousandEyes. This collaborative approach across the portfolio will hopefully dramatically simplify the network stack not just in management and operations but also in energy consumption and visibility.

Where do we see this making the biggest impact?

Speed to action. We predict the value of having all of these network elements in one platform will not only increase the speed of network teams but will also give deeper insights into business decision-making and innovation.

Jonathan Davidson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, of Cisco Networking commented; “Only Cisco has the portfolio, experience, and partner ecosystem to bring together campus and branch, data centre, compute, IoT, and SD-WAN to optimize outcomes using one networking management platform to deliver unified experiences”. Want to read Jonathan’s full take on the new announcement check out his latest blog here.

We are excited to put this new platform to the test. If you would like to see a demo or understand how we can accelerate your Cisco network get in touch today.