HashiCorp tools have seen a rapid adoption within the technical foundation of many businesses. Each business utilises and incorporates the tools in their own unique way. With Natilik training, ensure your teams feel enabled and confident in utilising HashiCorp tools properly and safely. Working together with some of the most highly accredited trainers and engineers in EMEA we can bespoke sessions to bring true best practice to life.

HashiCorp Terraform Training

Natilik’s Terraform Fundamentals training will give you everything you need to get up and running using Terraform in the real-world. As well as covering core concepts, you will benefit from the extensive experience of our instructors who are also active project delivery engineers.

Over the course of four days, you’ll learn:


  • Infrastructure as Code Introduction
  • The core Terraform workflow
  • The Terraform command line
  • HashiCorp Configuration Language basics
  • Terraform state
  • Terraform workspaces
  • Authentication options
  • Working with providers
  • Git version control
  • Creating Terraform modules
  • Versioning
  • Intermediate HashiCorp Configuration Language
  • Provisioners
  • Testing
  • Secrets management
  • Terraform Cloud
  • Best practices and real-world recommendation

Throughout the training, you’ll also have the ability to gain real, hands-on experience against your public cloud of choice (Azure and AWS are the currently available choices), though the concepts learned will be applicable to any environment you choose to manage with Terraform – both public and private.

Bespoke to your needs

Within the Natilik HashiCorp Terraform Training the Natilik team will arrange a pre-requisite meeting with you to discuss training aims and outcomes and create bespoke training content for your session. This will be supported by creation of bespoke hands-on lab environments.

The training will be delivered in-person at 1 site and for up to 15 staff. virtual training can be delivered if requested.

As part of your continuous success management, Natilik will setup remote meeting sessions twice a week for two weeks at the duration of one hour post training, to support the client staff on any self-study on Terraform. Natilik will record each session and send the recording out to all staff after each drop in session.