Another week and another MeetUp here at Natilik HQ, and this week saw the return of the Network Nomads to the spotlight. After the success of our previous event we wanted to make sure we found an equally compelling topic to cover. SDA immediately came to mind. Although it is something that has been around (at least as a concept) for a while, until you get your hands on it, it can be difficult to “get”. Whilst it’s a pretty significant shift in design and implementation, which is great, there have been lots of occasions where networking has been left behind other fields, collecting dust. It’s time we got some new stuff!


Our approach to this style of event is to be as informal as we can, welcoming anyone with any level of knowledge and interest in our chosen topics. This was why at the start of the evening my fellow speaker Scott Hodgdon and I decided to join forces and treat the evening as more of an open discussion than a regimented presentation.


One point that we were aiming to get across on the night is that SDA is quite similar to other technologies that people are already familiar with, such as ACI.  If we can draw parallels with things that people already know, it immediately makes things simpler and less scary. However, its use of GUI and therefore a perceived simplicity, strikes fear into the current network teams that their hard-earned skills will no longer be required.  We aimed to re-assure that this is definitely not the case!


It’s safe to say that the Network Nomad events continue to be a success with both our clients and everyone in-between. It was great to see so much interest and interaction from those that attended and it’s always impressive how much some people already know.

If you’re interested in signing up for the next Network Nomads MeetUp, then keep an eye on our social media as myself and the team will be back soon!


Chris Salisbury

Principle Engineer