Security Analysis Service

Whereas your current firewall tells you about the threats that it blocks, it obviously does not tell you about those threats it does not detect. This is where the Natilik Security Analysis Service can help.

We place a Next Generation Firewall at the edge of your network for a short period of time. During this period we are able to identify the gaps in your existing line of defence and identify the scale of exposure and associated risk.

The complimentary assessment will:

  • Provide an overview of the traffic on your network with analysis of sources and destinations.
  • Highlight any threats on your network including infected, compromised or hacked devices and users.
  • Highlight any areas of high or abnormal bandwidth usage associated to an application, device or user.
  • Provide a full report on all of our findings on the state of your perimeter and internal security.

This service is a quick and effective way to evaluate the protection provided by your current Firewall; it also enables you to evaluate the additional insight and level of detail provided by a Next Generation Firewall and how this can assist your organisation in preventing a cyber-attack.