Wireless Network Assessment

Regardless of how well your wireless network performed when it was first installed, there are many factors that change over time which can degrade performance and have a detrimental effect on user experience.

This assessment service is designed at taking the guesswork out of responding to user complaints relating to Wireless Network issues. It provides you with hard, factual evidence on the performance of your Wireless Network so you can determine if it is delivering against service requirements.

It enables you to understand weaknesses in your Wireless Network either that need to be addressed immediately or can be taken into consideration for longer term planning.

By fully understanding both the performance of your Wireless Network and the environment in which it operates, we are able to make options can improve performance and respond to future demands. We strongly believe that through the insight that the Natilik Wireless Network Assessment delivers, you are able to make the right decisions on your Wireless infrastructure, avoiding
unnecessary spend and focusing on areas that will deliver the greatest return on investment.