The workplace is no longer defined by the traditional office so it is essential that you can maintain or create your desired culture, employee engagement and a united workforce, no matter where your teams are based.

Best-in-class collaboration technology and a strong infrastructure will enable your teams to achieve their goals from wherever they are, whilst being adaptable, secure and giving a boost to productivity and people retention.

Key Themes

  • Agile Working

    Many businesses just like yours have already embarked on the journey to agile working, however the definition has changed in recent years. Whilst it used to simply mean the flexibility to work from any desk within the office, it now encompasses practices that allow your teams to work at the times they are the most effective, from any location beyond the office. The team at Natilik can help you to ensure your users are empowered with the tools they need to work smarter, not harder, so they can be more productive, wherever they are.

  • Employee Experience

    A good solution should be highly intuitive, simple to use, and drive your team to be excited to use their business tools. Engage with the Natilik team and they will ensure the user experience will be at the forefront of any solution created. By working with you and discovering pain points and recurring issues, your new solution will improve user experience and ensure they, and you, get the most benefit from your investment. Plus, Natilik’s Adoption and Service Delivery Management teams will continue to review and optimise your solution long after the original project has been delivered.

  • Team Collaboration

    Bring your team together with a single click of a button, so they can continue working collaboratively after a meeting has ended, no matter where they are based. New ways of working and agile workspaces can make it increasingly difficult for you to bring your team together. The Natilik team has helped many global organisations, which have teams dispersed across countries, continents, time zones and even languages, to come together as one virtual team and can help you and your teams achieve the same thing.


  • Increased Team Productivity

    With technology that makes communication easier, saves time and improves team cohesion, you can boost the productivity of your workforce. Increasing output, saving time, reducing costs, and helping you and your business to achieve your goals.

  • Improved Employee Engagement

    The right tools for the job can make work easier and less stressful for your teams, meaning they are happier and more engaged. Research has shown that when your team is happy, they work harder, are more productive and want to stay around for longer - increasing employee retention, reducing recruitment costs and giving an overall boost to your business.

  • Effective Use of Resources

    With your team all using the same technology, it makes it easier for your IT team to roll out updates and security patches. Meaning that your IT teams are more efficient in saving time and resources for other business critical tasks, whilst ensuring your teams have a consistent, secure and optimised experience.