How is Natilik integrating ThousandEyes for enhanced service offerings?


Natilik proactively integrates ThousandEyes into its Digital Business Assurance (DBA) practice, recognising it as a tool that brings unrivalled visibility to clients’ networks and beyond. The integration of ThousandEyes has had a significant impact on our overall DBA practice, with two key areas being leveraged today:


Network Managed Service
It has enabled us to enhance the proactive element of our Network Managed Service offer by offering targeted and improved service SLAs against a broader range of services, giving clients accelerated incident resolution and broader infrastructure visibility.


Migration Assurance Capability
It has improved our projects and professional services business through the adoption of a more robust technology migration assurance capability, helping to provide project specialists improved assurance capabilities, increasing successful client project outcomes and simplifying solution testing and sign-off processes.

Start your journey to enhanced visibility today

A Proof of Value is an excellent way to showcase how ThousandEyes will provide immediate business value for your organisation.

With your success criteria defined from that start, the POV will be completely tailored to help you overcome your network visibility challenges, whether it is home worker’s connectivity, SaaS application outages or latency across your WAN.

Download the ThousandEyes POV overview to find out more.