Natilik are excited to support Staysure on their transformational journey to becoming a “Digital First” Business, enhancing your communication and service delivery capabilities in providing tailored travel insurance. Ultimately, this means helping you to continue raising the bar with award-winning service and recognition as trusted, go-to experts.

When it comes to choosing your customer experience partner, it’s worth doing it right.

There are several outcomes defined by Staysure which Natilik believe will positively impact a broad range of stakeholders across the business, IT and end user communities. These have been identified by Natilik here at the outset, and we intend to prove that our solution delivers against them as we engage throughout this RFP process.


Leveraging data efficiently to deliver:

  • Better insight into why customers have called and how they felt about the interaction/experience with Staysure.
  • Improve Quality Assurance processes & outcomes.


  • Remove complexity and legacy infrastructure.
  • Support business growth aspirations through greater agility – tackle the independency on BPO’s.
  • Operate from an all-encompassing AI driven platform and a single interface.

End user

  • Empowering your people, giving them better tools to learn
  • Lower time to competence and raise performance

Bringing together partnerships for Staysure’s digital first journey 


Introducing Natilik

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The proposal

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Proven Client Satisfaction