The client is an independent British organisation focused on promoting energy efficiency, sustainable energy use, and low-carbon transport. They work towards a smart, decentralised energy system, empowering millions of households yearly and collaborating with governments and businesses to implement transformative energy programs for a sustainable future.


As a public facing service provider, the client needed to ensure that they could provide an excellent customer experience to all customers at every digital touchpoint, and they have the technology in place to support them in doing so.

They are working to address climate emergency through energy efficiency and public awareness initiatives. As part of their commitment to this mission, the client has set the goal of greenifying their technology, moving away from on premise solutions in favour of a cloud-first approach.

Their existing Contact Centre technology was not supporting their green goals, couldn’t provide the flexibility and scalability that the team required and had a high server footprint.

The client needed a solution which would provide interoperability with Microsoft Teams and crucially they needed it to provide the in-depth data and analytics that they had so far been lacking to take their Contact Centre to the next level.


The Natilik team implemented a solution which replaced the client’s legacy technology with a unified, fully cloud offering made up of Cisco Contact Centre and Cisco Webex Calling technology. Natilik manages the client’s full end-to-end voice experience, from the moment a member of the public dials a number on the client’s website right through to an agent answering the call, hosted in the Natilik Cloud.

Natilik has also implemented the full Cisco WFO suite providing the client not only with basic call recording but also with quality assurance powered by speech analytics and workforce management.

The team at Natilik worked against tight delivery timeframes to ensure that the entire project across 3 sites was completed within ten weeks, before the support on the client’s existing solution became end of life.

  • Design

    Utilizing their in-depth knowledge of the client's business, including the seasonal fluctuations which would have an impact on their solution requirements, the Natilik team was able to design a solution which was the perfect fit for the client.

  • Transition

    To ensure a seamless transition over to the new technology without any disruption, the Natilik Service Transition Team worked with the client’s operational teams, achieving full operational readiness right from the outset.

  • Manage

    All connectivity is fully managed by Natilik and the entire solution is fully supported by the 24/7 Tech Support Team.

  • Success

    Natilik created a tailor-made training and adoption program which consisted of custom user guides, videos and content which enabled the team at Natilik to train all 80 agents in a week and is available to continue to be utilised for new agents today.

The Outcome

The client now has a completely cloud-managed Contact Centre and Calling solution which supports over 80 agents.

The new solution is fully managed and supported by the 24/7 Tech Support Team, providing the client with peace of mind that any issues that do occur will be quickly remediated. The client’s agents can now focus on providing a great customer experience with the knowledge that their technology and tools are there to support them, and also has the flexibility to scale to meet their requirements in the future.

The additional visibility the solution provides allows the client to access key analytics which they can use to continuously improve their customer experience and boost efficiency. They have also seen an improvement in the reliability of the solutions, with 100% availability in the first year of the solution being live vs previous year tracked severe major system outages due to solution approaching ending of support. As a result, the client has seen a vast improvement in their engagements which is being reflected in the volume of positive customer feedback online.