The focus of our design process is to advise our clients on what is possible, to understand and define the desired outcomes for the business, IT and the end-user and to design a solution that will deliver these.

We have a proven approach to achieving this that consists of four steps – showcase, consult, validate and propose.


Our design team combines deep technical understanding of the solution we provide along with extensive experience of how these technologies and architectures work together. Their focus is not on what the technology can do, but of what you want to achieve. Our focus is on designing an amazing environment for your end-users that will fully adopt and deliver the desired value for the business.


We strongly believe that seeing is believing. This is why we continually invest in our showcase facility and this plays an important part in our design phase. It enables you to visualise what is possible and experience how the solution components work together to deliver against your desired outcomes.

We find that once a client has spent time in our showcase, they are able to better define the outcomes they require and the experience they want to create for their end-users.


We start our consult stage by understanding your current environment through a combination of workshops and audits. By understanding the starting point we are then able to work with you to fully understand and document your requirements. We pay particular attention to defining what it is you want to achieve and the desired outcomes for the business, IT and end-user.


Designing and proposing the right solution is critical; this is why the validate stage is key. Our attention to detail in capturing your current environment and requirements enables us to fully validate our understanding, our assumptions and the outline of our proposed solution.

By taking this step, both you and Natilik gain confidence that the solution being proposed is fully aligned to your needs.


Our solution architects will take your validated requirements and use these to complete the design of your solution. At this stage we leverage the experience of our project management and delivery team to not only define the solution we are proposing but the right transition services to deliver this solution.

The output of this stage is a Solution Overview Document that fully defines the solution we are recommending and a Proposal Document that details our approach.