Bring together your key stakeholders for a bespoke workshop of your technology options, hosted by your dedicated Natilik team.

This provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, propose additional considerations, and review the recommendations alongside the solution architects and project team.  Natilik Design Workshops also offer your technical experts the chance to see exactly how the technology can work in harmony with your existing infrastructure, whilst your management team can dive into the end-user and client benefits.


  • Improved Decision Making

    Utilise the time during your Design Workshop to bring together your project team to discuss any concerns and sign off any changes, to ultimately ensure your project can move to the next stage as smoothly and quickly as possible. The sooner your design is confirmed, and your solution is deployed, the sooner your business goals can be achieved.

  • Leadership Buy-In

    Ensure your leadership team are either heavily involved in or informed of the results of your Design Workshop, so that they understand the solution proposed, the timeframe your Natilik team is suggesting, and how it is going to help you to achieve your business outcomes.

  • Optimised Infrastructure

    Bring together the expertise of the Natilik team and your technical experts to ensure your solution builds upon your existing infrastructure in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.