During Transition we focus on professionally managing and executing your project to operationalise your solution, whether that be an on-premise environment or a cloud service. The ultimate goal of this phase is to provide your solution on time and on budget and ensure that it delivers against the outcomes defined in the design phase.

We have a proven approach to transition that includes four steps – initiate, detail, build and deploy.


Our transition team blends highly experienced and methodical project managers with technicians that are experts in the solution they build. Our project managers are not only Prince2 certified, but are true practitioners in major IT and Communication projects. They guide a team of product specialists and engineers that are not only Cisco certified but experienced in the full breadth of our eco-system solutions.

It is this expertise that makes your journey smooth, and this experience that enables us to guide our clients through their projects.


The level of detail we follow in the design phase enables us to quickly and smoothly move into the transition and initiate phases. We take the Solution Overview Document from the design phase and work with you to create a full and comprehensive Statement of Works.

We take the time to conduct readiness assessments of your current environment to ensure that everything is taken into account. We take your solution design and expand this to detail and document functional requirements and agree the project scope.


During this stage we are meticulous at defining your project to the finest level of detail; it is this that will ensure the success of your project. We take your solution design along with the functional requirements and produce and validate a detailed design. We identify all of the technical requirements and dependencies. We design system test scripts and focus on staff development, training and adoption plans.

Our project manager will produce a detailed project plan and co-ordinate resources to meet the defined timescales.


In this phase we take your detailed design and our engineering team builds your solution. For cloud based solution, we provision your instance and ensure seamless access. For on-premise solutions, we deliver your equipment, and stage and install all hardware and software components. We configure, customise and integrate your solution against your functional requirements and conduct thorough system acceptance testing.

With the solution now in place we focus on transitioning this into an operational environment, conducting migration planning workshops with your team and meticulously planning the deploy stage.


The fundamental aim of this stage is to ensure a smooth and highly effective transition to your new solution. We work with you through user acceptance testing and a thorough cut-over review. We ensure that every user is fully trained on their new environment and assist in taking steps to maximise user adoption.

We guide you through the cut-over process by providing comprehensive transition support before conducting a full operational handover and post implementation review. The final step of the process is to ensure a smooth transition into our support and manage service.