Natilik works with a trusted third-party to deliver a zero-waste IT Recycling service to help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve your profile as an environmentally friendly business.

The E-Waste service from Natilik is compliant with key government, industry and security regulations to ensure your business is protected whilst remaining complaint with key green initiatives and legislation.


  • Hardware Disposal

    Natilik can support you to dispose of and recycle any of your redundant hardware in a compliant and secure manner, providing you with the necessary documentation to ensure you remain complaint.

  • Complete Audit Trails

    Working with trusted partners, the Natilik team can provide you with full end-of-life audit reports and certificates of destruction to ensure you are remaining compliant with current recycling legislation that requires your business to track the life cycle of all your old equipment.

  • Data Destruction

    By failing to protect and destroy your confidential data, you could be liable to fines of up to 4% of your global annual revenue. Natilik will securely wipe all devices before they are recycled or refurbished to ensure your company's critical data is removed from all hardware, assuring you remain compliant with your security regulator.


  • Cost and Space Savings

    Reduce your warehouse and storage space and save on the costs of storing your old redundant equipment and avoid legal fines when erasing all confidential data.

  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction

    Boost your employee morale and increase customer loyalty by showcasing yourself as an eco-friendly business.

  • Compliance

    By working with Natilik to recycle your old hardware, you will achieve full compliance with the WEEE compliance scheme and other key green legislation.