After understanding your businesses requirements and working closely with your key stakeholders, Natilik will produce a bespoke proposal that details every aspect of your technical design.

The detailed Solution Overview Document that will be delivered will be completely transparent and granular in its technical detail, incorporating every integration and requirement specific to your environment and teams. Once you have reviewed and approved the technical scope, the Natilik team will then provide accurate pricing and timelines to ensure your project remains in budget and is delivered in time to meet your business goals.



  • Full Visibility

    Ensure no element of your technical design comes as a shock to your teams by providing them with the granular technical detail they need to prepare your existing infrastructure and identify the resources they are going to require for deployment to fully support your business with the technology it needs to succeed.

  • End-to-End Technical Involvement

    Give your technical teams the opportunity to be fully involved with the end-to-end design of your solution, ensuring their expert knowledge of your existing infrastructure is incorporated into the process, saving time when customising the solution to your environment.

  • Eliminate Risk

    With the granular level of detail provided at this stage your teams can make accurate comparisons against your existing infrastructure, expose any weaknesses, and mitigate any chances for delay in your project should an un-documented issue arise.