A global business aviation company founded in 2004, and a Natilik and Cisco client of over 5 years.

The client has been on a journey to revolutionise the business aviation industry by introducing a ground-breaking approach to flying: providing access to a worldwide fleet of private jets without the burden of aircraft ownership.

The client aims to deliver exceptional service to its customers, maintaining customer loyalty and happiness and therefore appealing to new customers by recommendation. They also focus on empowering their customer-facing teams by using next generation solutions with the relevant AI, insights and data analytics tools to best serve their customers.


The client’s four main goals are to be ensuring every service they provide is ‘Simple, Efficient, Reliable and Global’, and their technology requirements are no different. However, as their rate of acquisition continued to grow, so did the complexity of their infrastructure. With multiple organisations running disparate solutions, built around different ways of working, the client was experiencing challenges delivering consistent experiences to its clients globally.

Therefore, the client was looking for a cloud-based Contact Centre solution that offers flexibility, seamlessly integrates into their existing business systems, and drives positive business change.

The client wanted the solution to be simple and agile but also easily managed by one single partner with the relevant expertise and experience to deliver on their desired outcomes, which included:

  • Customer experience

    Delivering an exceptional experience for their customers by giving them a reliable, intuitive and streamlined method of communication through Intelligent Call Routing.

  • Global reach

    Benefiting from a unified communication platform to
    integrate all of their acquisitions now, and in the future, ensuring customers receive a consistent experience wherever they are.

  • Visibility

    Empowering their teams with comprehensive reporting and management tools for a better understanding of their customers' journeys.

  • Automation

    Automating repetitive tasks through integration with their CRM Salesforce, allowing their teams to save time and focus on core responsibilities.


Natilik proposed a comprehensive solution consisting of Cisco Webex Contact Centre and Webex Calling, integrated with Salesforce CRM. The calling, meeting and contact centre solution set was designed to work together natively, with all core functionality provided by a single vendor.

Following several workshops, Natilik scoped and agreed the client’s specific requirements, ensuring a simpler transition, ongoing support and maintenance as they moved to the cloud. Natilik’s 24×7 Managed Service wrap provided the client with a single point of contact for all support related activities.

To enable global call routing across all the client’s entities and sites, Natilik deployed the Webex Calling platform as a separate project, complementing the routing of calls to agents using the proposed One Stream Network (OSN) SIP services.

The Natilik Customer Success team also created a bespoke Success Plan to drive end-user adoption and ensure the client attains the true value of its chosen solutions.



The client now has access to a reliable platform which provides enhanced visibility through comprehensive reporting and CRM logging. The platform offers valuable management information, including insights into missed calls, empowering the client to make informed decisions.

The solution achieves global reach by unifying communication across all of the client’s business units and brands. This integration ensures a consistent and seamless customer experience, regardless of their location worldwide.

Additionally, Natilik’s platform provides exceptional resilience with a design that eliminates single points of failure, enhancing the reliability and availability of the system. Moreover, the intelligent call routing engine allows for flexible call flows, ranging from simple call steering to more complex data-driven intelligent routing, self-service, and conversational IVR.

  • Smooth transition

    As a current user of the Webex App for on-premise calling, the client was able to easily move to a cloud Contact Centre, with minimal impact to the current user experience.

  • Easy to use

    The client can continue to leverage the existing single pane of glass that they use for management with the addition of new capabilities to create enhanced customer experiences.

  • Innovation

    The client's supervisors and managers can easily control the environment without IT intervention whilst allowing a high level of customisation which will be the foundation for future innovation.