An established UK breakdown cover provider, known for responsive roadside assistance and a diverse range of automotive services, such as insurance, maintenance, and driving instruction.

With a history spanning over a century, this well-known brand is recognised for its substantial fleet that addresses numerous breakdown incidents daily.

For over three years, the client has partnered with Natilik in a journey marked by substantial organisational growth. This collaborative effort has witnessed significant milestones, from moving the client’s contact centre to the cloud to implementing cutting-edge AI-powered tools for agent empowerment.

Natilik continues to support the client in navigating their evolving landscape and enhancing their customer service capabilities.


Customer service is critically important to the client, with customers entrusting them to provide support when they need it the most. Existing on-premises services were becoming rapidly outdated, causing challenges around stability and maintenance, and restricting the organisation’s ability to meet the evolving demands of their customers.

The client needed a scalable, secure, and stable environment to better serve their customers and facilitate innovation across their customer service operations.


Natilik successfully upgraded the client’s technology infrastructure, safely transitioning them to a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution and eliminating on-premises challenges.

The new platform enhanced all aspects of their operations, from how customer interactions are handled through to how the workforce is managed, ensuring exceptional service delivery whilst maximising operational efficiency.

The Outcome

The client now has a world class, highly resilient contact centre platform that supports the critical services they deliver to their customers.

  • Cost savings

    The savings generated by the project will result in a neutral cost over the 5-year term, and alleviates the team from having to complete complex infrastructure management tasks, giving them time back to work on other business critical projects.

  • Capacity to innovate

    The platform will enable the client to deliver the next generation of digital and IoT capabilities.

  • Happy customers

    The project has resulted in an enhanced and customer experience that continues to improve. Using the new analytics delivered by our solution this client has clear insights into customer needs and how that can be best achieved.