Matyáš Prokop

Posted on: October 26th, 2023 by Noemie Longin

Starting off as a founder of (a community-led ISP) whilst still in his teens, Matyáš built on open source solutions, seeing the potential of community, open source and how network can shape communities and how community can shape the network.
He has since designed data centres at Google, core mobile and internet provider networks and now stands as Technology Director at Natilik focusing on Multi-Cloud and DevOps.

Alongside this, he co-organises Network Automation Meet-Ups in London, speaking multiple times at HashiConf Global, Cisco Live and DevNet Create in US, Europe and APAC and constantly pushing boundaries and supporting this ever-evolving and exciting industry. He is 2x Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker, Cisco Champion and HashiCorp Ambassador.