Gain complete visibility of the potential threats across your network.

The growth in cloud applications and hybrid working has created more opportunities than ever before for bad agents to exploit vulnerabilities on your network. You can discover where the vulnerabilities are in your security posture through a security lifecycle review.

How will it work?

With our valued partners Palo Alto Networks, the Natilik team will place a passive device onto your network for a short time which will monitor your network traffic and behaviors.


The team will then use these insights to provide you with a comprehensive, fully customised report highlighting where your vulnerabilities are across application usage, web-browsing, data transfer and threat prevalence. Highlighting the greatest risks in each area along with recommendations on what needs to be done to put things right.


All results are displayed alongside the averages for your industry peers, so you can best understand your results in context.


Attacks are inevitable but breaches don’t have to be. Take the first step in protecting your network today and take advantage of this limited time offer!