As we all adjust to the implications of this global pandemic and fully adapt to our changing roles and obligations as employees, citizens and family members, I wanted to let you know that at Natilik we’re doing everything we possibly can to rise to the challenge.

There will be no business in the world that won’t be affected in one way or another in the coming months, but in some ways we’re fortunate. We have a company that went into the crisis in great financial health; we’re in a sector of the economy that delivers services and outcomes that will continue to be essential; we’re blessed to have incredible clients, and fortunate indeed that we can conduct the vast majority of our business remotely. We should be thankful at a time like this that whatever impact this period will have on Natilik, there are many other people and companies in much more difficult situations. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to them, especially all those that are keeping our fellow citizens safe and healthy or treating those who are falling ill.

Our top two priorities at Natilik are to provide an exceptional service to our clients and to ensure the health and welfare of our people.

We work with clients across a wide number of segments of the global economy: financial services, utilities, manufacturing, logistics, food and on-line retail and organisations providing services to the public sector, to name just a few. There has never been a more important time to ensure the IT and communications infrastructure and applications that we provide continue to work seamlessly, and that our clients can continue to work productively, flexibly and securely. We remain totally focused on continuing to provide the 24/7/365 managed services and project services that our clients need, and we’re also thinking creatively about how we provide other types of advice free of charge including clinics and workshops to help our clients adjust to new ways of working.

As governments around the world have brought in measures to protect their citizens, we instigated our Business Continuity Plans in each country where we have offices. As we approach the end of the second week of all our people globally working remotely, I’m pleased to say that our planning has paid off and we’ve moved to providing all our services from our people’s homes. It’s great to see our people acknowledging the importance of looking after each other’s physical and mental health and I’m really enjoying seeing the creative ways in which this is being done. What’s not so easy is coming to terms with how we make arrangements for home-schooling our kids, or more trivial things like responding to the curiosity of our pets as they wonder why we’re around so much nowadays!!

During the last two weeks our people have been amazing; their acceptance of change, their resilience and sense of humour in times of great stress is hugely uplifting. Having an incredible bunch of people across the world, who have a great sense of camaraderie and are prepared and equipped for what is to come, will be critical in the weeks ahead. We’re also trying to do our bit for our local communities by continuing to make payments to our chosen charities and thinking about how we go even further in helping and volunteering.

Thank you to our clients for continuing to place your trust in us—we’ll be with you every step of the way. Thank you to our people for rising to the challenge, and thank you to our suppliers and partners for continuing to support us as we all adjust to this new way of working.

The weeks ahead are going to test us all in many different ways and it won’t be easy, but we will get through this and I remain hugely optimistic about the future.

If I can be of any personal assistance during this time then please contact me directly.

Best wishes for everyone’s health and welfare.