This week we opened up the basecamp doors for our first CX MeetUp, and as we expected the turn out was great. Not only did the noodles go down a storm but it was great to see how these MeetUps enable people to network and build relationships based on their shared interest of the topics we put forward.

The future of the customer journey

The first of our CX specialists to speak was Jonathan Charlton. With over 15 years in the industry and coming from a software background, Jonathan forms part of the CX Solutions Architect Team here at Natilik and was the perfect person to talk us through the future of the customer journey. Starting from the 1900 baking industry and moving all the way through to Contact Centre AI and Virtual Reality, Johnathan gave us the inside scoop into how we can expect the customer journey to develop, and the future looks bright!

A day in the life of Natbot

Next up was another of our CX wizzes, Darren Parkinson. Despite how young he looks (his words, not mine!) Darren has been in the IT industry for over two decades now and is responsible for all of Natilik’s digital strategy needs. Touching only briefly on the recent EasyJet news headline that was the talk of our ‘Natilik Social’ Webex Teams space this week, Darren walked the audience through a day in the life of ‘Natbot’. From your morning train timetable, to the ETA of a vital project, Natbot does (almost!) everything we need to help run our days smoothly and it was great to be able to showcase that to our audience. I was also rather chuffed to see my own name appear on the internal adoption slide of top 10 Natbot users, although Darren has had to step in and help a few of my more demanding questions!

The panel

To round our MeetUps off we always like to spend the final 15 minutes running a panel session for our audiences to interact with our speakers and ask any questions they have. Joining Jonathan and Darren in the spotlight was Lee Philips from Upstream. Lee has 17 years’ experience responsible for customer contact operations and it was great to have someone from Upstream there as one of our valued partners.  As always, the interaction from the crowd and the questions put forward showed us that the interest in the CX space is booming, and we can’t wait to see how the future unfolds. Who knows, maybe Natbot might be able to write these blog posts for me one day!


Laura Keen

Marketing Executive