Natilik is pleased to announce it now offers Wi-Fi 6E surveys.

This news is exciting as very few organisations can currently complete these types of surveys. Natilik sees the value of what Wi-Fi 6E offers businesses and has ensured it can enable the adoption of these Wi-Fi innovations by investing in the equipment and knowledge required to provide the surveys. In addition to the Wi-Fi survey that checks the performance of the wireless network, Natilik can test buildings for 6 GHz suitability and, as a result, provide organisations with 6 GHz WLAN designs.

Having the capability to offer these surveys provides Natilik clients with a competitive advantage, as they will have access to the new 6Ghz spectrum and benefit from the increased speeds and enhanced capabilities that Wi-Fi 6E offers.

Natilik is always striving to offer its clients the best technology to support the enhancement of their business and to continuously adopt the latest innovations, as shown in the speed at which Natilik has made these surveys available.

Click here to book your Wi-Fi 6E survey today.

“It’s fantastic that we can provide these cutting-edge surveys to clients. I see a lot of opportunity for businesses adopting Wi-Fi 6E and am pleased to be able to support businesses who want to take advantage of this latest wireless innovation.”

Dan Jones
Wi-Fi Project Engineer, Natilik