AppDynamics, part of Cisco, is the world’s #1 Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution and AIOps platform.

AppDynamics is a full-stack, business-centric observability platform that enables technologists to prevent digital performance issues. This is achieved by monitoring cloud-native technologies and traditional infrastructure to understand exactly how application code drives user experiences and impacts the bottom line for businesses.

AppDynamics has been recognised by Gartner as a leader in APM for the last eight years and was positioned highest in ‘ability to execute’ in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant Report for APM.

Since partnering together in 2018, Natilik and AppDynamics have achieved global success, with Natilik earning Pioneer Partner status as a result.

Together, Natilik and AppDynamics have transformed the application visibility of top financial services companies, helping to drive improvements around their customers’ digital journeys and experience.

With a shared passion for DevOps innovation, Natilik has worked with AppDynamics on building a living showcase environment, ready to demonstrate to clients the power of holistic visibility as well as developed bespoke integrations to address client challenges.

With award winning expertise in Cisco data centre architecture and development, the Natilik team has the experience and knowledge to transform your data centre experience putting your applications at the heart of your business outcomes.

Often called on for thought leadership and innovative ideas, Natilik helps drive industry advancements and modernise client environments. Combined with data centre security, storage, infrastructure and cloud migrations, you can leverage Natilik’s full stack capability to gain maximum ROI from your data centre technology investments.

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