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Meraki, offered by Natilik, is one of the industry’s largest-scale cloud networking services, originally founded in 2006 and acquired by Cisco® in 2012.

The Meraki cloud grows with your organisation and helps enable secure monitoring and management of your network from any location in the world. The Meraki cloud dashboard is browser-based, meaning you can access it from almost any device without the need for software, or plug-ins. Additionally, network integration provides easy management not only for your cloud-managed security cameras, but also for wireless, switching, security and endpoint management – all from a single pane of glass.

With over 3 million customer networks, the Meraki cloud architecture continues to grow and scale. With built-in redundancy and advanced security features, it delivers reliability, security and scalability, with a 99.99 percent uptime SLA.

Natilik and Meraki have been partnered together for eight years, since Meraki was brought into the Cisco portfolio. As a Gold Tier Partner, Natilik can deliver a full managed Meraki service offering to clients.

With the capability to bring the Meraki portfolio to life across multiple technology areas including IoT, wireless, collaboration and security, the Natilik team utilises its holistic vision to integrate innovation into unique business use cases alongside Meraki. Dedicated to furthering client education and growth, Natilik and Meraki also offer insight through trials, hands on workshops and discovery sessions to design, deliver and manage the latest in simplistic networking and innovation.

With award-winning expertise across the full Cisco technology portfolio including the Meraki offering, the Natilik team has the experience and knowledge to transform your business in line with your strategic goals.

With best in class certified and qualified professionals delivering global transformational projects to some of the top organisations worldwide, you can trust in Natilik to deliver and support the best solutions for your business. Side by side, with innovation at heart, the Natilik team can drive new and exciting developments that bring additional value across your technology choices.

Leading by example, Natilik practices what it preaches, with Meraki components powering its teams and office workspaces. With high NPS scores and client advocacy, Natilik prides itself on having happy clients and robust solutions, ensuring clients receive the best outcomes, time and time again.

Offering a full end-to-end Meraki Managed Service, the Natilik team are there to support the growth of your business and combat any challenges that you face along the way.

As the complexities and challenges of managing technical environments continues to grow, there has never been a better time to partner with a Managed Service Provider that can dynamically and proactively respond to your changing needs. Natilik’s Cisco Meraki managed service offering has been designed to give you the flexibility you need. Simply choose from (or combine) one of our three packages; Managed Access, Managed Secure Edge, or Managed SD WAN, and let our experts take care of the rest.

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