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Rapid7 is a global organisation with 14 offices supporting 144 countries.

With over 300 platform integrations and 55 patents, Rapid7 are a trusted leader of innovation within the Cybersecurity space. Known for their best-in-class technology, 46% of fortune 100 companies trust in Rapid7, and sit as part of a community of over 9,000 customers  

Believing in simplifying the complex through shared visibility, analytics, and automation, Rapid7 have been leading service expertise since 2000, giving customers clarity and confidence for over two decades.   

Natilik and Rapid7 have been partnered together since 2018, holding the highest level of partner accreditation, as a Gold Tier partner. Aligned in both values and approach, Natilik and Rapid7 bring the latest in detection response and threat intelligence to clients globally.  

Through partnered growth, Natilik and Rapid7 bring together an expanding and connected portfolio of security products and services through bespoke integrations and acquisitions.  

Often seen side by side in client education events and speaker engagements, the partnership is one of innovative development of client first solutions. 

With a robust holistic portfolio, driven by intelligent integrations with simplicity at its core, Natilik drive innovation within the security space. Alongside being award-winning, Natilik pride themselves on delivering the best solution to clients and continue to evolve and adapt with the market.

Leading by example, Natilik integrate Rapid7 as part of their internal security strategy as well as their forward-thinking innovation hub that is continually developing new features and functionality to answer client’s needs. With ISO 27001 accreditation globally, Natilik understand the challenges of the modern-day security team and position the best-in-class technology for clients.  

As security challenges continue to be front of mind for businesses of all sizes, Natilik offer solutions with a pragmatic approach that provides visibility and threat intelligence at multiple levels. With end-to-end support and services from vendor management to 24/7 tech support, Natilik act as your confident guide to your Rapid7 relationship.   

Through discovery sessions and security audits, work with an expert team to analyse and enhance your security posture to protect your teams.  

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