ThousandEyes enables companies like yours to see the cloud, internet, and SaaS as though you own it!

In a world where applications can live anywhere, you own workloads or SaaS and with employees working flexibly, meaning more reliance on the Internet as the new WAN, delivering end-to-end visibility is a greater challenge than ever. The ThousandEyes Network Intelligence Platform is the industry-leading network visibility/observability solution that can provide organisations with a 360-degree view of their employee and customer Digital Experience.

With ThousandEyes, IT teams have the visibility to understand, hop-by-hop, end-to-end, their cloud services performance, Internet connectivity and all other critical network dependencies, regardless of whether they manage them directly or through third parties. With ThousandEyes, organisations can find the Route Cause of Digital Experience issues within minutes, enabling their IT teams to quickly identify problems impacting user and application performance and ensure quick remediation.

Natilik partnered with ThousandEyes in 2020 when the platform joined the Cisco ecosystem.

Since then, Natilik has proactively recommended and deployed ThousandEyes to help ensure clients have the visibility they need into the internet, cloud, and SaaS environments to troubleshoot issues quickly, keep pace with changing worker and customer expectations, and improve business outcomes with better connectivity and applications.

Networking is the core of any business, and Natilik understands that the ever-expanding nature of the network, and managing the modern trends of multi-cloud, zero trust and SaaS makes it harder for teams to support.

ThousandEyes Internet Outages Map

Therefore, having a close partnership with a visibility platform like ThousandEyes is vital in reducing mean time to resolution, improving user experience and assuring cloud and network migration success – and this is why we use ThousandEyes internally at Natilik.

We’re so confident in the solution that instead of a Proof of Concept, we offer organisations a Proof of Value as the platform’s capability is unquestionable. Explore the resources below to learn more about ThousandEyes.

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