As agile working, open plan offices and multi-national teams become more common and more people are working remotely, it is important that team work and collaboration is still possible and supported.

Modern collaboration technology can empower and seamlessly support various working styles, no matter where or how your teams are working. Collaboration platforms are more than just video calling systems, they complement workflows, facilitate idea sharing and allow teams to work smarter and more united than ever.


Work smarter, not harder

Collaboration solutions allow you to connect with the right people, at the right time with ease. Conversations can be started in a flash from the app on your laptop or tablet, saving time searching for invitations and login codes. What’s more, applications like Cisco Webex Teams keep track of all the progress made before, during and after the meeting. This allows newcomers to get up to speed quickly and start making valuable contributions.


Intelligently and seamlessly move between devices

Enjoy richer collaboration experiences with cognitive collaboration devices that all interoperate. Instantly pair with room devices when you enter a conference room, connecting your app to the device, whiteboard or desk phone so you can share or receive content, transfer calls or control the room devices with your smart phone or tablet. You can even start a meeting on your personal device, and then transfer it to a room device to include more people.


Fast and effective decision making

Enable collaboration and decision making with tools that allow you to share information, brainstorm and whiteboard to work together.  These team collaboration and video conferencing tools facilitate easier communications and enable real-time decision making.


Virtually in the same room

For many teams these days it is hard to all get together in the same room. Whether it is because of multiple national offices, cross border locations or remote workers, it can take time and effort to get everyone in one place at the same time. High definition video collaboration technology can bring people together, across continents, with an experience equal to being in the same room. Rich video tools like Cisco Webex Meetings allow you to see the facial expressions and body language of the other meeting participants, allowing you to take notice of visual cues for more natural communication.


One culture, wherever you are based

By taking advantage of collaboration technology, you can help to foster stronger relationships between your team members that are not based in the same locations. Facilitating a sense of community and one, united culture. You can even create more social spaces using breakrooms and breakout spaces with video technology, giving teams across borders an opportunity to share non work related conversations and news.


One easy agreement to simplify your transition to cloud collaboration

With the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan you can take advantage of cloud, on-premises, and hosted collaboration tools with a user-based subscription model. Choose which services to enable at an individual, team or department level with the flexibility to change and add services as your company grows or your requirements change. Helping you to simplify and manage the transition to cloud, with control and oversight of your budget.


As companies and teams continue to be spread over various locations, the importance of technology as the facilitator of collaboration and efficient team work can not be underestimated. Is it time for you to make sure you have the right tools in place? Contact us today to start building a closer, more productive community of workers.


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