This year Natilik were voted best place to work in the UK Tech industry*. It is something that we are very proud of here at Natilik and it is only by striving to constantly better our workplace that we are keeping up with the competition.  Nowadays there is an expectation to offer a myriad of opportunities, flexible working environments and a culture of trust. To equip yourself in what is now deemed as a ‘War for Talent’ it requires more than brightly coloured beanbags, bring your dog to work days and an open beer fridge.


What does flexible working actually mean?

Everyone expects to be connected wherever they go and flexible working no longer means swapping half an hour of your lunch break for half an hour in the morning. It means being able to work wherever, whenever, and however best suits you and your work life balance, whilst still maintaining optimum productivity for the business. One feature in the tool kit is utilizing technology to create a digitally collaborative platform, that is unbiased of your location. Here at Natilik we have found that using collaboration tools such as Webex have kept project teams connected whilst in office and onsite, ensuring the strong company culture is felt across our global team.


Maintaining company culture

A Culture of Trust is a principle used by Great Places to Work to explain the importance of creating an environment in the workplace that encourages open communication, honesty, inclusion, equality and freedom for growth and development. A person who trusts their colleagues, their leaders, their CEO and the foundation of the organization is going to want to stay, grow, learn and teach in return. 53% of people say that they would change workplaces for flexible working hours and 37% would change for opportunities to work from home (not even all the time!). This requires a level of trust from the employer and employee, that needs to be supported by a strong technology infrastructure.


Here at Natilik we like to lead by example and hope our clients, partners and people continue to support us in being a great place to work.

Sophie Kerwood, People Services Manager


* Great Place to Work’s UK Tech medium sized business 2019

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