The Natilik team are delighted to announce that Natilik is the first partner in the UK to be awarded Cisco Master specialisation in four areas, Security, Collaboration, Data Centre and Hybrid Cloud, and Networking.

The journey to Quad Master specialisation

Natilik and Cisco have been working closely for more than a decade and have delivered world class After having obtaining Master Collaboration status in recent years, the Natilik team decided to strengthen that partnership and begin the lesser trodden path to Quad Master Specialisation.

A dedicated team of almost 30 people within Natilik worked tirelessly for 18 months preparing for the final audit, which all paid off on the 24th of September 2021 when Cisco made its official announcement. From Solution Architects to Account Managers and beyond, individuals from all over the business brought their expertise together to demonstrate Natilik’s consistent success in selling, deploying and supporting Cisco solutions.

What does the Quad Master specialisation mean to our clients?

Master specialisation is awarded to the Cisco partners that have the most in-depth technical skills and have demonstrated consistent success with Cisco solutions. The specialisation programme is based on partners meeting stringent requirements that show master level capabilities whilst being able to prove they can provide sophisticated, valued added solution through all of the Cisco lifecycle phases.

So, when applied to our founding principles, what does this mean for our clients?

People- The Quad Master specialisation focuses on a deep technical understanding and skillset surrounding Cisco’s core portfolio. Natilik is dedicated to both the wellbeing and development of each individual, and the specialisation opens up doors for personal development with accreditations, skill sharing and growth.

Clients- The Natilik team care deeply about our clients and ensuring excellence in every interaction. By obtaining Quad Master specialisation, Natilik continues to expand the depth of services we can provide, working closely with Cisco to give our clients access to the best people and cutting-edge technology the industry has to offer.

Proposition- It is key to the Natilik business to have a valuable and differentiated proposition. As the only partner in the UK to achieve Quad Master specialisation, this offers more opportunities expand the future roadmap and development of Natilik’s product, service and solution offerings as the confident guide to our clients.

Operational Excellence– The journey to obtaining the Quad Master specialisation ensures that Natilik is constantly reworking and enhancing its processes, systems and methodologies to drive continual improvement and streamline client engagement.

Fiscal– As Natilik continues to grow organically and profitably, achievements like the Quad Master specialisation drive recurring revenue growth by putting a focus on continual service excellence across the client success lifestyle.


A Message from our COO

“I am delighted with the team’s achievement on becoming the only partner in the UK, and one of a handful globally, to achieve the coveted Cisco Quad Master, encompassing the full portfolio of Collaboration, Security, Data Centre and Hybrid Cloud, and Networking.  Our strategic partnership with Cisco has never been stronger and the award of the Quad Master Specialisation is testament to the breadth and depth of Cisco capability at Natilik.  This is another major step forward in our continuing goal to confidently guide our clients ensuring they get the very best from their technology investments.”- Mike Dornan, COO




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