First of all, we often hear the term user experience when talking about the contact centre or collaboration technology, what does ‘User Experience’ actually look like in the security space?

It is a phrase that is incorporated into a lot of tech marketing as it is often a key driver and outcome that our clients want to ensure they get right, but often the aim for security user experience is to be as invisible as possible, but it can be so much more than that. Security user experience can incorporate increased performance, consistency, seamless roaming, always-on reassurance as well as being frictionless in its approach. It delivers great ROI to the business that often isn’t usually associated with security.


You mentioned performance, normally security is seen as an extra step, extra check point to go through in the process, how are you seeing business performance increase due to security?

It all depends on making the right cloud security choices, as clients move more and more applications to the cloud and consume more cloud native services, products such as Palo Alto’s Prisma Cloud are changing the game when it comes to increasing ROI of cloud migration journeys through increasing performance. In high-level terms, by removing the need to direct all traffic to the business VPN connection, then trombone back to the cloud, increases the speed and performance for the clients when accessing critical cloud applications. We have seen this transformation for our client’s user experience by giving their teams access to applications like Office 365 three times faster than their previous experienced with a secure VPN connection. This speed from Palo Alto Networks leverages their placement within the Google cloud and years of development in making their product market leading.


When thinking about implementing new security strategy why do you think that user experience should be a high priority?

Security solutions need to be consistent and seamless to the user, while meeting the policies defined by the Security Team and providing the control and management required by the Support Team.  So, incorporating products like Palo Alto Prisma Access which is non-intrusive to the user, with an always-on security approach, and provides the full visibility of connectivity, delivers simplicity and the frictionless experience desired by everyone. The business benefit of this is that everyone has more time to focus on other priorities and not be held up with cumbersome security processes and connections.



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