If you’re finding yourself in a rush to provide remote access for your workforce, there’s no need to put your business at risk. Instead, there are some great tools you can use to help securely manage systems and devices, keeping your company safe. Here are some ideas to help, from providing the right equipment and securing devices to enabling colleagues to easily keep in touch and avoid falling victim to cybercriminals.


A good starting point

Here is a list of some common requirements to think about when setting up your workforce to work remotely:

  • A good internet connection
  • A computer or laptop, ideally with direct calling (softphone) capability
  • Chat and conferencing capabilities
  • A dedicated workspace
  • Self-motivation and discipline
  • A routine to keep focussed

Securing company devices off-site

As team members take their devices off company property, it’s important to consider the physical security measures they can take, especially if they are working in a shared workspace where the risk of others viewing and accessing company information is higher. You never know, an inquisitive child may send an email to a customer! There are a few steps you can take to protect against the loss and theft of data and devices, including:

  • Full-disk encryption, so your company’s data is not accessible.
  • Log out when not in use, at home and in public places.
  • Strong password policy. Set inactivity timeouts and enforce passwords on boot.
  • Never leave your device unattended or on display.

Providing access to your company network and systems

Whether your team are only accessing cloud-based services and email, or need direct network access, it’s critical to think about securing how they gain this access. A key question to ask is “do users need the same level of access to sensitive data when working remotely, as they do when they are in the office?”

Some tips here when providing either internal network access or cloud and email access.

Network Access:

  • Use company-owned devices or devices under a secure BYOD policy, so you can keep full control of the device under management of your security and IT team.
  • Always use a VPN to connect remote workers to the internal network. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks as your traffic is now flowing over public networks.
  • Control the use of external devices such as USB storage and other peripheral devices.

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Cloud and Email Access:

  • Enforce the same endpoint security policy for antimalware, firewalls etc. as you would with a company-managed device.
  • Limit the ability to store, download or copy data.
  • Consider the use of virtual machines to provide access whilst keeping your team member in a controlled environment.

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Multi-factor authentication

No matter where your team are working, multi-factor authentication ensures that only authorised users have access to your cloud-based services and internal networks. App-based systems are a great way to easily and rapidly roll out secure access, without the need to procure and distribute hardware. App-based systems also provide greater security than SMS messages, as SMS can be subject to SIM swap attacks, especially if the device is not company-managed. Take advantage of a 30-day free trial by following this link, and you could be on your journey to trusted access in less than 5 minutes. https://www.natilik.com/trials/duo-security/


Enable collaboration & combat email compromise

By providing access to chat, video and conferencing, your team members can easily communicate with each other. If you can provide a corporate collaboration tool, this avoids the risk of users resorting to applications such as WhatsApp and FaceTime. The bonus… it also helps your teams remain social with other colleagues if they’re working remotely for an extended time.


Also, cybercriminals will often use the opportunity of remotely located workforces to launch business email compromise attacks. Frequently, this is when an urgent demand is made via email, asking for the transfer of funds. If your users are not educated on the risks and able to collaborate quickly and easily to validate requests, via chat for example, then they may well respond and inadvertently put your business at risk.


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