Natilik offers a range of audits to help you optimise your existing technology investments.

By identifying where you are currently seeing the most benefit, it is easier to identify the changes that can be made to help you achieve your business outcomes. Audits are offered across the full range of Natilik’s technical portfolio.


  • Health Checks and Performance Reviews

    The Natilik team will audit your current environment to identify whether your technology investments are performing at their maximum efficiency and how they are comparing to your initial expectations.

  • Configuration Reviews

    The Natilik team will build you a 360-degree view of your current infrastructure to identify where you can make positive changes to your existing services, applications, and processes to reduce risk and maximise efficiency.

  • Technical Audits

    To ensure your business is ready to take on your new solutions and critical applications, the Natilik team will conduct a full technical audit to identify any additional infrastructure you may require prior to expansion.


  • Maximise Your Investment

    Identify areas where you can be working smarter, not harder, to make the most of your technology investment.

  • Identify and Reduce Your Risks

    Utilise monitoring and analytics to remedy any issues across your existing infrastructure before they cause you any headaches.

  • Improve User Satisfaction

    Improve your employee satisfaction by identifying and rectifying any long-standing technical concerns.

  • Plan for Your Future

    Maximise your infrastructure to support your growing business, both now and in the future.