The Natilik team will work with you to understand your requirements, prepare your network for upcoming changes, and communicate with your internal teams.

Not only does this give you a better understanding of the technology itself, but also the way Natilik works and the processes which will be put in place to support you.


  • Use Cases and Success Criteria

    The Natilik team will work with your project team to understand exactly what you are looking to achieve from your Natilik POV, how you define success, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you wish to set.

  • Communications Plan

    A full communication strategy will be completed to ensure your users are ready for the upcoming changes and feel involved in the process from start to finish. The plan will be tailored to resonate with your business’s key personas, so that the information provided comes at the right time and in the right tone to meet their needs.

  • Network Preparation

    Natilik’s team of project engineers will work with you to ensure your network is ready for the new infrastructure that will be put in place, without causing any downtime or
    damage to your operations. Should any implications be identified, the Natilik team will work with you to prepare the additional infrastructure required to support your POV.

  • Feedback Collation

    Once your POV trial has ended, Natilik will gather feedback from different stakeholders within your business. From how the solution made a positive impact on their day-to-day lives, to improvements that could be made to increase their productivity, all input will then be considered should you choose to implement the solution long-term.


  • Speed of Deployment

    Quickly move from a POV to a full implementation with little effect on your people or your infrastructure.

  • Improved Understanding

    Gain a full and thorough understanding of the long-term benefits of taking the solution from POV to a full implementation.

  • Cost Savings

    Natilik POV trials eliminate that risk by giving you the opportunity to experience the technology for yourself before you spend a penny.