Natilik can guide you through a wide range of trials, across multiple technologies and business outcomes.

Whether you are looking to test a piece of kit to understand how it could be implemented on a larger scale, or whether you wish to trial some software within your own environment, Natilik can support you.


  • Hardware Trials

    Natilik will send you the hardware you wish to trial for a timeframe that best suits your business, so you can see exactly how it works, whether it fits your requirements and how it integrates with other technologies within your existing infrastructure.

  • Software Trials

    Natilik’s team of experts will work with you to enable quick turnaround software trials, so you can experience the benefits of the technology for yourself, in your own environment. From dashboards that monitor your critical applications, to firewalls that protect your sensitive data, Natilik has several software trials on offer across a range of technologies.

  • Cloud Trials

    Natilik offers you the ability to trial a cloud solution on key people within your business, in a real-life environment, so you can gain valuable feedback from those who will be impacted the most by your technology investment, as well as how it impacts your existing technology investments


  • Speed of Deployment

    Natilik trials are quick to set up and easy to deploy, meaning you can spend as much time as possible ensuring that the technology you are trialling is the right fit for your business.

  • Rapid Decision Making

    Trialling the technology you wish to implement allows you to make rapid and informed decisions based on your own experiences, rather than researching and relying upon the opinions of others.

  • Cost Savings

    Implementing a technology that is not the right fit for your business can be a costly mistake. Natilik trials eliminate that risk, by giving you the opportunity to experience the technology for yourself before you spend a penny.