Effectively budget for the future, free up your teams and guarantee flexibility with Natilik’s XaaS offerings.

Gain more agility within the marketplace with solutions that allow you to rapidly scale to meet the demands of your clients, without any hidden costs or restrictive payment plans. Natilik XaaS solutions are designed to flex with your evolving business, reducing your total cost of ownership and cutting down on your operational expenses whilst remaining competitive.


  • Unified Communications

    Leverage the latest in Unified Communication technology for your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Start your journey to cloud based infrastructure and benefit from accelerated agility and innovation. Natilik’s UCaaS provides the maximum level of flexibility and integration whilst minimising the need for on-premises infrastructure. Therefore, removing costs and management from your business.

  • Contact Centre

    Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) provides all of the rich capabilities to support your omnichannel outbound needs. Providing you with all of the features and benefits of a traditional on-premise Contact Centre but all the flexibility of being hosted in a private cloud environment. Natilik CCaaS is fully managed with 99.99% up-time guaranteed, alongside a host of flexible consumption models to best suit your desired business outcomes.

  • Firewalls

    As your business infrastructure evolves to incorporate on premise, cloud, multi cloud and hybrid environments, take advantage of the flexible nature of as-a-service security with Firewalls-as-a-Service. Designed to continue the application of best practice security policy and configuration across your whole business no matter where it is located.


  • Reduced Risk

    Delegate responsibility and risk through as-a-service solutions and infrastructure hosted by Natilik, alongside the reassurance of strict Service Level Agreement’s.

  • Reduced Costs

    Decrease the CapEx investment required to power your business by removing the need for upfront on-premise infrastructure costs and leverage a more flexible payment model.

  • Increased Time For Innovation

    Reduce the time your team spends on mundane maintenance and reallocate their resources and expertise to help drive innovation within your business.