The Natilik adoption team will provide you with the help and assistance you require to deliver bespoke, engaging, and effective training material.

They will work with you to understand how the requirements of your business can be mapped against the skills and experience of your people, to ultimately deliver the best learning experience possible.


  • Instructor Led Training

    Expert trainers will work with you to deliver instructor led training sessions for your end-users, mapped to their skills and experience to deliver the best learning experience possible. Whether they require one-on-one niche support, or a white glove set up to support their day-to-day working, your training can be tailored to best suit your businesses requirements.

  • Go Live Support

    Often also referred to as ‘Floorwalking’, Natilik’s training team will be on hand to support both your service desk and your end-users with any queries that may arise on the first day your new solution is up and running. Go live support can be tailored specifically to meet your requirements, whether you require an in-person or entirely virtual experience.

  • Video-Based Content

    To maximise the adoption of your new technology, it is vital that the content you deliver to your end-users is as visually engaging as possible. Natilik works with a team of animation experts to create high-quality, avatar led video training content to resemble key members of your project team.

  • Interactive e-Learning

    To ensure your end-users can explore your new platform before it is rolled out, interactive e-learning from Natilik can be customised to replicate the final version of your technology rollout. Avatars can be created to guide your people through the new platform, showcasing the features, functions and processes they can expect to see.


  • Flexible Involvement

    By working with Natilik you can have as much involvement in the training of your users as you wish. Whether that involves sitting amongst your teams to help answer questions or handing full responsibility over to Natilik’s team of expert trainers, the nature of the sessions can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Deeper Understanding

    Provide your users with the content they require to fit their learning style, ensuring that they can absorb and retain as much information as possible.

  • Increased ROI

    Ensure maximum utilisation of your new solution and realise the highest possible rate of return on your investment by delivering training that enables your people to quickly utilise your new solution as part of their day to day routine.