The success of your business implementing new solutions in the future will be supported by bots, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, all of which will play a role in training and ultimately the integration of new services into your business.

By connecting your instant messaging application with bots from Natilik, you’ll be able to provide tools to make day-to-day activities as efficient as possible. Augmented reality will offer your business a whole new dimension to virtual communications for both your internal teams and customers.

From using instant messaging to help your new starters with process and application queries, to using augmented reality for enriched virtual business updates and communication with real-time analytics, there’s no doubting the use of these technologies is the future of training.


  • Bots and Integration

    Utilise the power of bots and enterprise assistants to deliver training and knowledge to your end users at their point of need. By integrating your Natilik bot with your collaboration platform of choice, your end-users can locate the training collateral their require through an interface that is familiar to them, reducing their reliance on members of your training team. Natilik will then work with you to analyse the most frequent requests, giving you the opportunity to tweak your training and adoption programmes accordingly.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)

    Empower your teams with AI delivered insights on the training programs relevant to them, providing an adaptive and personalised experience for each individual. Natilik will also work with you to create AR bespoke QR codes that sit on pieces of new equipment, or on the entrance to your meeting rooms, to allow people to scan and find the training information they require there and then. This drastically reduces your end-users reliance on outdated print outs or various online training repositories, putting the information in their hands when they need it most.


  • Timely Support

    The use of bots can mean that support is ready and waiting as and when it is needed, enabling your business to offer an always-on service without the associated cost.

  • Richer Virtual Experiences

    Augmented reality opens up a whole new world where your business can host more personable and interactive training without the need for travel.

  • Better Insight

    With real-time analytics and increased reporting capabilities, your business will be able to get a better understanding of the quality of your engagement with your teams and individuals and use this to continuously improve.