Leverage the latest technology to both deliver incredible automated experiences and analyse at scale

From voice or messaging bots that can answer customer queries day and night to automatic quality assessment and knowledge tools that put information in the hands of your agents, the right automation strategy executed in the correct way will improve the services you provide to your customers. All whilst ensuring your contact centre operates in a more efficient manner, getting more from the resources you have available. Learn how Natilik’s automation and AI solutions can help deliver real benefits in your customer service operation.

Technology Portfolio

  • Call Transcription and Analysis

    Leverage the latest AI technologies to capture and analyse every customer interaction. Whether it’s automatic generation of wrap up notes, sentiment or intent based routing or providing a consolidated view of what your customers are saying, the Natilik team ensures you benefit from everything AI has to offer.

  • Self-Service Customer Journeys

    Designing and implementing self-service journeys that really work can be challenging. Natilik’s team of experts are experienced in designing self-service journeys across voice and digital channels that deliver your customers the benefits of an always on, easy to use automated service.

  • Agent Assistance

    Integrated knowledge and next best action solutions provide your customer service operation with the tools they need to support your customers quickly and efficiently. Using the latest AI developments, Natilik helps you listen into every customer interaction, providing intelligent support to your agents to help them get the job done quick and better than ever before.

  • Automated Quality Management

    Imagine the possibility of having visibility across all interactions and highlighting specific calls for detailed review. Through automated quality management, your quality managers can not only identify which agent behaviours drive the best result, but also align and monitor performance management to effectively drive improvement where it matters most.

Supporting Services

  • Discovery & Business Analysis

    Together, we meticulously analyse your business landscape, ensuring a tailored strategy that aligns with your objectives, setting the stage for success.

  • Self-Service Journey Development

    Deliver engaging human-like interactions that enhance customer experiences, and innovative self-service capabilities to your customers all of the time.

  • Analytics Playback

    Natilik brings your data to life, helping you interpret, leverage and transform raw data into actionable intelligence for continuous improvement and heightened performance.

Why Choose Natilik for Automation and AI?

With extensive experience designing and deploying cutting edge AI innovations, Natilik’s experts specialise in identifying automation opportunities and crafting solutions that guarantee exceptional results, enhancing customer experiences along the way.

Get started with a Automation and AI Discovery Workshop, in which the Natilik team will take the time to understand your AI strategy, customer journies and agent personas.

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