Complete visibility and comprehensive security for your hybrid cloud, infrastructure and applications. 

Many organisations are on a journey to digital transformation, Natilik’s cloud protection services help identify and address challenges in securing data, applications and infrastructure across your hybrid cloud environments. With the traditional network perimeter quickly becoming a thing of the past, it is more important than ever to adopt a zero trust approach to continuously verify the identity of every user, device and application seeking to access your hybrid cloud environment in order to mitigate the impact of breaches and unauthorised access.

Technology Portfolio

  • Visibility

    Visibility across your cloud and hybrid cloud environments helps identify security risks, misconfigurations and suspicious activities that could lead to data breaches and identify the workflows between applications to enforce micro-segmentation.

  • Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA)

    An ubiquitous zero trust approach ensures continuous protection across your enterprise network by eliminating any default trust assumptions, ensuring continuous verification of users and devices to safeguard your environment.

  • Cloud Security

    As the adoption of cloud-native applications increases, so does the requirement for pro-active and iterative code security and assurance. Cloud application protection ensures that your development teams feel protected whilst bringing innovation to life.

Supporting Services

  • Cloud Security Assessment

    Taking time to understand what applications and tools you are publishing, maintaining and automating in the cloud, the Natilik team will show you where the gaps in your cloud security posture are to ensure your environment is fully secure.

  • Cloud Best Practices

    Natilik's experts will take time to understand what data and applications you host within your cloud environment and how you secure them. They will then create a best practice blueprint of what good looks like, working with you to define your ideal future state.

  • Trials and Proof of Value

    Natilik can provide your team with trials and proof of value experiences so you can replicate how your desired solution will fit within your business and understand what outcomes you can expect to achieve, without committing to any long-term contracts.

Why Choose Natilik for Cloud Protection?

Natilik will work with you to design, deploy, and develop the best end-user security tools that will protect your users, devices, data and ultimately, your business in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. Holding the highest level of accreditation with multiple market leading vendors across the full technology stack, security is embedded into everything we do. Take the first step today and register for a Cloud Protection Discovery Workshop.

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