Your business depends on your people being able to connect seamlessly and securely, irrespective of device or location. Enabling and securing your teams is vital to retaining talent and driving business success.

Your users are your first line of defence and need to be protected. From implementing a world-class SASE strategy, to comprehensive email security and multi-factor authentication tools, equip your teams with frictionless security solutions that defend your ever-evolving perimeter.

Technology Portfolio

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Provide your users with a seamless login experience by enabling secure access to multiple applications and services through a single set of credentials. Simplified password management not only enhances user security, but improves user productivity as password fatigue and errors are reduced.

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    Creating a secure and consistent user experience is vital in the world of hybrid working. SASE architecture enables operational efficiency and converges security and services edge, connecting your users to authorised applications and data, irrespective of location or device.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Enhance your user security by introducing an additional layer of protection to protect your business against unauthorised access. MFA significantly strengthens the authentication process by confirming user identity and devices prior to allowing access.

  • Email Security

    With attackers now leveraging generative AI, emails are still the number one attack vector targeting businesses like yours. With the latest technology in place to rapidly detect, respond and remediate these threats, you can protect your business against targeted phishing attacks.

Supporting Services

  • User Security Assessment

    Natilik's experts can work with your teams to understand your current user security tools, identify potential gaps in your strategy and roadmap how to achieve your future desired state.

  • SASE Showcase

    Get hands-on with SASE technology. Tailoring the environment to make it pertinent to you, this showcase allows you to experience the transformational impact the solution will have for your business.

  • Managed SASE

    Your SASE environment can be complex and time-consuming to manage. Let the Natilik experts keep your environment secure and effectively respond to your changing needs, giving valuable time back to your team.

Why Choose Natilik for User Security?

Natilik will work with you to design, deploy, and develop the best end-user security tools that will protect your users, devices, data and ultimately, your business in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. Holding the highest level of accreditation with multiple market leading vendors across the full technology stack, security is embedded into everything we do. Start your journey today by registering for Natilik’s User Security Discovery Workshop.

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