It’s clear that modern networks have become increasingly complex to accommodate the business need for a secure transition to cloud and hybrid services consumption.

As a result, organisations are seeking easy to manage networking solutions across their office, branch, homeworker and all remote locations. These solutions must have enterprise security baked in, and provide simple to use cloud operations. Natilik offers end-to-end solutions and services that can help you seamlessly connect your users to their applications and clouds, regardless of location, and all in a more simple way.

Technology Portfolio

  • Smart & Sustainable Buildings

    Reimagine the network as a sensor to track occupancy and space utilisation, monitor air quality, temperature, energy usage and more! These insights help businesses make better decisions around their office space to support their sustainability strategy.

  • Zero Trust Network Access

    Adopting a zero-trust approach for your network security will ensure your organisation stays secure in the hybrid era of modern working without hindering users from accessing the files and apps they need to be productive.

  • Cloud Managed Networks

    Cloud management and modern network automation capabilities like software-defined networking, infrastructure as code and AI make network operations simpler. With easier deployment, troubleshooting tools and policy controls, modern networks have evolved.

  • Secure Edge & SD-WAN

    High-performance, scalable and flexible solutions that help businesses with distributed offices, branch locations and hybrid workers ensure secure, seamless access to files, apps and data no matter where users are located.

  • Flexible Hybrid Connectivity

    When traditional wired and wireless connections aren't the answer, the variety of flexible hybrid options now available could provide the perfect solution for your business needs, whether to support quick site setup, cloud on-ramp or SD-WAN migration.

Supporting Services

  • Broad Suite of Assessments

    From full network audits to Wi-Fi surveys, often the best place to start is an assessment of your current infrastructure or space to ensure you get the right solution.

  • Discovery & Showcasing

    Uncover what you need to best achieve your desired business outcomes with a discovery workshop and showcase where you can experience the technology first-hand.

  • Design, Deliver & Manage

    Being supported at every stage means you'll have a network that is bespoke to your business and delivers against your outcomes, from initial design to day-to-day operations.

  • Circular Economy

    When your equipment reaches end-of-use you can dispose and recycle it safely and securely with our sustainable recycling services. We also source through a sustainable supply chain.

Why Choose Natilik for Seamless Connectivity?

Our teams have designed and deployed countless successful networks for national and global organisations, from simple office refreshes to complex software-defined solutions for large logistics brands. Natilik is a trusted pair of hands for delivering seamless connectivity.

Taking the time to understand your current strategy and challenges, our team of experts will discuss the art of the possible, helping to define your ideal future state and roadmap on how Natilik can help get you there.

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