Designing and installing simple modern networks is impressive, but what happens next?

Ensuring your network operates to the standard required by your users and services is vital for an organisation to meet wider business expectations and objectives. Here at Natilik, our experts are on hand to help simplify network operations to allow your teams to focus on business initiatives.

Technology Portfolio

  • Service Coverage

    From network design to day-to-day management, Natilik has flexible, end-to-end service solutions with a global reach to ensure you are supported across your lifecycle, no matter where you are on your network transformation journey.

  • Enterprise Agreements

    Complex software licensing can leave teams wasting time on monotonous license management activities. EAs can bring networks and other architectures together into a single agreement that makes software portfolios flexible and easy to manage.

  • Supply Chain Management

    From backing off all your contracts and assets to automated email alerts when your contract is due for renewal, the Natilik team will manage your supply chain relationships from end to end, giving your business back time to focus on priorities.

  • NetDevOps and AI

    AI has changed the world and the network is no different. Let Natilik support you on your AI Ops journey, whether that is leveraging the capabilities you already have today, building out your DevOps practice or letting Natilik take control.

  • Release and Vulnerability Management

    Keeping abreast of new releases and vulnerability patching is vital but time consuming. Offload this task to Nailik, whose experts will monitor publications for new security vulnerabilities and field notices to ensure you don't miss a thing.

  • Natilik Platform Services

    Our hybrid cloud platform offers a fully managed Network as a Service capability and allows our clients to host their services, onramp to their cloud of choice, and transition from an on-prem world to cloud and back again.

Supporting Services

  • Service Design

    Whether you need a dedicated resource or assistance monitoring your network performance, the Natilik team will build the service level right for you and your budget.

  • Service Transition

    Mitigate the risk of disruption with dedicated project managers who understand the importance of getting it right, from initial design to deployment.

  • Service Delivery

    With fully scoped service-level agreements that deliver on your requirements, Natilik prides itself on providing a solution that exceeds your expectations.

  • 24/7 Tech Support

    Ensure your infrastructure is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of your location, by working with the global Natilik 24/7 Tech Support team.

Why Choose Natilik for Simplified Management?

Managing networks has always been complex, from procurement and logistical challenges to contracts and licencing, alongside keeping abreast of innovation and emerging technologies. Whether you’re trying to ship hardware to multiple global locations or get your contracts to align, Natilik can assist you with all areas of your network management, leaving your teams with more time to work on more impactful projects.

Take the first step towards simplified network management today with a network managed service discovery workshop.

Network Managed Service Discovery Workshop
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