Providing teams with the tools they need to deliver the highest application performance and experience.

Your applications are at the heart of your business and the performance of which ensure your business remains competitive. The modern application requires agility and with more and more systems and solutions being natively built and delivered via the cloud, it is important to build the surrounding infrastructure that will support this growth. Leverage the skills and experience of the Natilik team to help you optimise your modern applications environment resulting in better experiences, flexibility and reliability for your teams and business.

Technology Portfolio

  • Monitoring and Observability

    With a holistic end-to-end view of the user's application experience, understand the needs of your customers and empower your teams to plan service rollouts, isolate problems, take action and resolve issues faster with minimal disruption to business as usual.

  • Dev Experience

    Elevate your development experience with self service, tooling and functionality. Natilik design seamless environments with accessible resources, empowering developers to innovate effortlessly. From streamlined workflows to scalable architectures, Natilik deliver solutions that amplify productivity and drive success in every project.

  • Micro Services

    Unlock agility and scalability with microservices solutions powered by industry leading partners. Natilik support your teams with finely-tuned microservices ecosystems, fostering rapid development and deployment cycles. Harness the power of modular architecture to drive innovation and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

  • Gen AI Infrastructure

    Embrace the future with cutting-edge Gen AI infrastructure solutions that dovetail into your existing environments and budgets. Natilik design robust, scalable architectures that empower AI-driven innovation across your organisation. Applying best practice guidance and working alongside your teams, Natilik helps unlock the full potential of AI.

Supporting Services

  • Application Refactoring

    Gain invaluable insights into your applications with Natilik's application insights services. Powered by data-driven analytics and performance monitoring to deliver actionable information to enhance user experiences and drive business growth.

  • Natilik KaaS

    Unlock the potential of Kubernetes with Natilik's K8aaS. Seamlessly manage and scale your containerised applications, driving agility and efficiency in your digital infrastructure.

  • Alert Management

    Release your team from mundane alert management. Stay ahead of issues and ensure optimal performance with proactive monitoring and rapid response protocols from Natilik's alert management service.

  • Application Monitoring

    Elevate your application performance with Natilik's comprehensive monitoring services. Gain real-time insights, ensure uptime, and optimise user experiences for seamless digital operations and engagements.

Why Choose Natilik for Modern Applications?

Transform your teams and business applications to accelerate your business growth, with the latest infrastructure architecture and technology stack from Natilik. Supporting your modern application journey with thought leadership, education and enhanced insight and visibility, bring your modern applications to life, and deliver exceptional experiences for your customers and teams.

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