Building energy efficient data centres and meeting ESG goals

Your data centre is the core of your business. It needs to perform flawlessly, constantly as well as support future innovation and growth for your teams. Your data centre also has a responsibility to play it’s part in achieving your businesses ESG goals. With increased density and capacity requirements, balancing energy consumption, HVAC and hardware lifecycles become challenging. With the right solutions from Natilik, build sustainability in by design to ensure the most sustainable solutions without compromise.

Technology Portfolio

  • Storage

    With industry leading partnerships deliver the most sustainable and performative data centre solution for your business and its future growth. Equip your teams with fully supported subscription models, that build in flexibility and agility whilst delivering the latest innovative storage technology.

  • Compute

    As the demands on denser compute increases in line with AI and ML adoption, don't compromise on your sustainability goals to deliver business outcomes. Empower a greener future, with more sustainable compute solutions and pave the way for environmentally-conscious innovation.

  • Hardware Lifecycles

    Reimagine your hardware ecosystem with Natilik, promoting sustainability at every stage. From procurement to disposal, Natilik manage your hardware lifecycles including secure erasure and disposal, certification and governance, helping your business meet it's sustainability goals.

  • Data Protection

    Natilik offers more than just data protection solutions; it provides peace of mind. Trust Natilik to build the right data protection strategy and infrastructure to safeguard your data and ensure uninterrupted business operations, no matter where your data is stored.

Supporting Services

  • Energy Assessments

    Work with our experts to audit and understand the energy consumption of your current infrastructure and how Natilik can help shift the dial with more energy efficient technology and hardware.

  • Secure Asset Decomissioning

    With global award winning partnerships, together we can ensure the secure decommissioning of assets with certificated data wiping and entry of materials into the circular economy.

  • DRaaS and BaaS

    Looking for a complete managed service for your data protection and back up strategy? Tailored to suit your needs with flexible consumption models, feel secure in your ability to deliver BAU no matter what.

Why Choose Natilik for Sustainable Data Centres?

Leveraging accreditations and specialised expertise from partners in environmental sustainability, Natilik pioneers a ‘sustainable by design’ ethos. Natilik’s curated technology portfolio ensures the delivery of state-of-the-art sustainable data centre architecture tailored to your business needs. With a global clientele, Natilik excels in deploying cutting-edge sustainable data centers, offering comprehensive hardware lifecycle services, and implementing data protection strategies that align with your ESG objectives while enhancing your business’s competitive edge.

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