When considering your business strategy, cloud applications and services can provide features that give you benefits such as increased agility, cost savings and innovation. Knowing where to start to optimise these options can be complex and cumbersome.

Here at Natilik we work with your teams to understand your required business outcomes so we can help you to plot a successful cloud migration journey that balances your current business needs with future growth requirements. With an overarching look across your full technology stack including connected networks, data centres, collaboration tools and contact centre technology, Natilik will work with you to design and deliver solutions that are built to provide flexibility. Keep your business competitive, whether you decide to utilise private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud.


  • On Demand Resources

    Take advantage of additional resources as and when your business needs them. Scale your cloud infrastructure up and down to support your teams, instantly.

  • Flexible consumption models

    Utilising resources and services through the cloud allows for pay-per-use pricing models that add flexibility and movement between your CapEx and OpEx budgets.

  • Transition Architecture

    Cloud-ready architecture is built to complement whatever stage your business is at when utilising public, private or hybrid cloud environments and services. Migrate your workloads at a pace that optimises your business strategy and resources to best fit your needs.

  • Resiliency and Availability

    Built from a large network of servers and data centres, you can minimise the risk of data loss and fall over. Build cloud usage into your business resiliency strategy, aiding your disaster recovery and covering you from back up failure and emergency outages.


  • Save Time

    Without the responsibility of managing your cloud hosting solution, support, configuration, or maintenance, you will save your teams and business time. Don’t get held up in the lengthy procurement processes and painful infrastructure refresh projects, instead re-focus your teams time on growth and innovation.

  • Facilitate DevOps

    Cloud technology enables developers to adopt agile workflows, significantly increasing the speed at which they can deploy and test new features, products, and innovations.

  • Save Money

    Remove the need for large capital investments in hardware and infrastructure by utilising public cloud environments. Reduce your need for on-premise data centres and their associated costs of housing, powering, cooling, and maintenance.

  • Free Up IT Talent

    By removing the requirement to manage and maintain cumbersome infrastructure and data centres, your IT teams can focus their time and talent on more revenue-generating activities and other projects aligned to your business strategy, keeping your business competitive.

Technology Portfolio
  • Cloud and Hybrid Cloud screen

    Cloud Collaboration

    Feel the benefits from access to the collaboration tools you know and love through a cloud consumption model. Spanning across telephony, video conferencing, voice recording, analytics, and cognitive collaboration, improve the user experience for your teams and customers wherever they may be. Support agile workplaces and mobile workforces with instant access to the latest updates, features, and innovation. Simplifying the management of all of your collaboration tools and needs through one cloud-based management platform that is built to meet compliance and regulatory requirements as well as uncover actionable insights around usage, adoption and capacity so you can optimise usage and boost team productivity.

  • Call centre

    Cloud Contact Centre

    As teams become increasingly diverse and the traditional office environment changes, adopt cloud-based contact centre technology that has the flexibility to adapt to the resourcing needs of your business in a cost-effective way. Empower your teams with the latest features and never worry about missing another update with automatic upgrades and developments rolled out instantly across your solution. Reduce the fear of data loss or failure with cloud architecture that is supported by a fully resilient network of resources and infrastructure that protects your business. Ensuring consistent best practice is adopted throughout your teams and business no matter where they operate.

  • Woman on IP phone

    Cloud Connectivity

    Utilise the latest in cloud connectivity technology and be ready for the upcoming global switch off of ISDN networks. Benefit from the potential cost savings of switching your business to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and gaining full visibility of consumption. With Natilik’s simple SIP services and billing system, have all your insight and information in one place so you can apply best practice policy and approaches to the management of your connectivity services.

  • Server room

    Cloud Data Centre

    As your business moves more workloads to the cloud and consumes more public cloud products and services, extend your data centre infrastructure and storage capabilities to fit with your cloud strategy. With extendable services such as ‘Pure-as-a-Service’ for storage, you can leverage best in class technology to optimise cost savings and ensure exceptional experience for your business.

  • Two people on laptop looking at stats

    Cloud Network Security

    As the edge of your network increases into the cloud at rapid speed, keeping access to that edge secure is paramount. Combining cloud native security delivered as a service with your network architecture, enables you to reduce complexity, increase speed and uncover contextual analytics to inform your business strategy. Be confident your businesses confidential data is safe by detecting and responding to threats with

    Cisco StealthWatch from Natilik protecting your critical data as it moves across your on premise and cloud networks. Expand your security portfolio with best in class solutions that integrate together in one simple platform, creating an easy to manage single pane of glass for your security teams.

  • Collaborating working

    Cloud Managed Wireless

    With dependable cloud connections and simple dashboards for rapid configuration, you will benefit from real time analytics to inform your business decisions and deliver consistent experiences for your teams. Let the Natilik team guide you on your journey to the cloud, starting with wireless surveys and assessments, delivered by world class engineers. They will then propose a robust cloud managed wireless solution that integrates with and works in harmony with your other networks. Built with a range of features including Wi-Fi 6 readiness, cloud management, outdoor industrial robustness or out the box simplicity, Cisco and Meraki cover all your wireless access point needs with a large range including; Aironet, Meraki, Cisco Business and Catalyst APs.

Why Natilik for Cloud Technology?

As a partner to some of the world’s best cloud technology providers, Natilik will work with you to develop, support, and guide you on your cloud migration journey. Irrespective of what stage of the journey you are on, dedicated teams are there to consult, develop and inspire at each phase. With an award-winning in-house DevOps team, you can trust Natilik’s expertise to navigate you through the complex world of cloud technology, striking the right balance between what fits your business now and in the future.     

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